Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 2

Today I ate
  • Breakfast: Liverwurst and a mug of chicken broth with pickle juice and egg yolk.
  • Mid-morning snack: Cup of garlic and ginger infused duck broth with egg yolk and kimchi juice.
  • Lunch: Pork Loin and Bok Choy in Duck Broth.
  • Dinner: Same as lunch, plus a bit of applesauce with cinnamon.
I feel good, not as tired as I expected to be on no caffeine. I haven't been hungry, though I am obsessed with thoughts about food. Not cravings so much as thinking about what I need to do to prepare for tomorrow. I'm worried about going hungry and having blood sugar crashes, though I haven't had one in ages and with all the fat and broth I'm eating, I don't imagine it will be a problem.

Earlier today I stumbled across this helpful post about preparing to go on GAPS. I managed to do much of what she suggested. I made and canned about 30 quarts of chicken, duck, and beef broth; made a big batch of applesauce, which my kids prefer to cooked apples (though I may try those, too); and pre-cooked 10 pounds of pork sausage patties. I thought patties would mostly be for the kids, but they already came in handy when I need some meat to go with our first soup. Some of her other suggestions I do already as a matter of course: preparing fermented vegetables, keeping two freezers full of meat, and meal plan. It didn't occur to me to stock up on, pre-cook/pre-cut squash or prepare crispy nuts, but I'll probably do that this weekend.

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